On this webpage you can find spreader pants systems developed by me. The spreader pants systems can be made in all kind of colours sizes and shapes, only your fantasy is the limit. The spreader is 36 cm in standard size but can be made to any size you wish. For fixing the spreader pants system we build in buckles or magnet locks. Is the spreader pant locked there is no way of escape out of it. We tested the spreader pants system in all its functions to make sure we can achieve a high standard product.

For the naughty adult baby a welcome way of punishing it, a punishment it will not easily forget. Normal walking is impossible in those spreader pants.

Even on stubborn slave can the spreader pants be successful. In that case I want to point towards the spreader pants where the crotch area is open. When the spreader pants are locked the slave has no chance to escape his treatment.